1. Can I order online?
    Not at this time. To place an order, contact Stephanie Langwell, here.
  2. How long does it take to receive an order?
    It usually takes about a week from the time you place your order, but some items may take up to two weeks. Timing may be longer during the holiday season as well.
  3. What happens if I need to cancel my order?
    Orders cannot be canceled once they are placed.
  4. Do you take credit cards?
    No. Only cash or checks are accepted at this time.
  5. Can I see a sample before I place my order?
    Yes, for a small fee you can receive a sample of most items.
  6. Can you address envelopes to my guests?
    Yes, most companies I work with have an addressing service and can print your envelopes for you.
  7. Can I see a proof of my invitation before I order it?
    Yes, in fact, a proof is always recommended. For a small fee, you can receive proofs via fax or email.
  8. Do you offer any specials or discounts on your products?
    Yes. Refer to the web site for all specials and discounts.